How To Know When Not To Buy A Used Car?

If it’s your first time to look for a car but you’re on a tight budget, going for a used car might be a good option but be careful and don’t just dive in to buying the cheapest car you see. Contact us if you would like our mechanic to take a look for you. There are some things to consider when buying a used car and you should be mindful of those signs to avoid pouring your money down the drain.

First thing to consider is the car’s external appearance. Aside from the dents and scratches that are easy to spot, try to check if all the door panels are aligned including the trunk. If you see unaligned panels that don’t fit perfectly, it could be signs of a more sinister defect and the vehicle most likely has been involved in previous accident.

Second is to check the car’s interior for stains, discolorations, rusts, etc. Stains, rusts and the like are signs indicating that the car may be flooded. Third is to check and observe how the car starts/sounds. Visually checking the engine doesn’t automatically tell you what is wrong with the car. You need to listen to the engine as you press down on the accelerator. If you hear any banging sound while the car is heating up, it is a clear sign of a mechanical problem. You can also check the car’s exhaust while the engine is running. If you see bluish and dark cloudy smoke coming out, this means that there is engine problem that needs attention.

Lastly, if you notice that the price is too good to be true then there is a clear reason why the seller does that. He wanted you to inherit the burden of having the car because owning a used car may not be just temporary for some.

If you see these warning signs although there are more, it is the time not to buy a used car.