Things to Know before Buying a Used Car

Used cars are typically more affordable, but if you don’t do your due diligence, you could end up with a vehicle that leaves a hole in your wallet. A used car in a poor condition could cost you in the long run as the car may require constant repairs. Here are tips from Newman’s Automotive Austin to help you buy long-lasting, reliable used cars.

Check CarFax

Usually, the dealership can provide this report, if they are unwilling to all you need is the car’s VIN number, and you can get the report from CarFax online. A CarFax report will show any accidents, tune-ups, and recalls that the particular car has ever had.

Bring a Mechanic

Bring a trusted mechanic with you and have them check out the used car. They will be able to inspect the vehicle and tell you if there are any worrisome signs. Have your mechanic test drive the car as well; they will be able to detect any unordinary sounds or vibrations.

Check the Kelley Blue Book Price

To get an accurate price of the car, check the Kelley Blue Book Price. This will give you a good notion as to whether or not the car dealership is asking too much for the car. Most car insurance companies go off of the Kelley Blue Book price if it is a total loss in a car accident. This is important because if you wreck that car soon after buying it, you want to get a similar amount in return for it.

Take the Car for a Test Drive

Take the car for a test drive to see how it runs. Look for any weird sounds and make sure all of the buttons work. Check to see if the A/C and the heater work within the car. Make sure all of the upholstery is intact. Lastly, do the smell check, make sure the inside of the vehicle doesn’t have any lingering foul smells such as cigarette odor.

Look for a Warranty

Look for a used car that comes with an extended and comprehensive warranty. A good warranty indicates that the dealership has confidence in the quality of the vehicle.

Before purchasing your next used vehicle, make sure to use these tips to ensure that you aren’t stuck with a lemon.