What To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car?

Professional car mechanic working in auto repair service.

People buy used cars because it’s cheaper than a new one. Those on tight budgets often appreciate a good deal on a used car. Most often then not, you can find great deals on used cars that have low mileage, are in great condition and are ready for you to take home once you’ve signed a few papers. However, things don’t always work out and San Francisco Automotive Solutions suggests you consider the following before deciding on buying a used car.

Vehicle History Check

It’s imperative that a buyer performs a quick vehicle history check on the vehicle that they intend to purchase. Buyers can check whether the car in question has previously been written off, reported as stolen or has any outstanding financing fees due. These are all red flags that would drive any buyer away. Buyers can get a complete vehicle history report from websites like Carfax, one of the most credible sources for vehicle history reports at the comfort of your own home. If the report checks out then, it’s safe to proceed to purchase the car.

Test Drive

A buyer needs to be 100% on board when it comes to buying a used car. To avoid making an impulsive buy, it’s important to spend a good amount of time behind the wheel. Buyers should try driving at varying speeds and noting how the car feels, brakes and handles. Be on the look out for odd noises and spend some time checking all the electronics of the car. Only when the buyer is completely satisfied should they proceed with the purchase, do not be afraid to address these concerns to the seller should there be any.


Buyers need to spend some time researching all about the vehicle that they intend to purchase. Is this particular brand/model prone to breakdowns? Have there been recalls in the past? Does the car have a good service history? These are some of the key questions that you can look into before deciding to buy.

When a buyer exercises prudence and caution then buying a second hand car can in fact end up being a great bargain.