Is Pre Inspection Really Necessary When Buying Certified Used Car?

When you have spent considerable time looking for a used car, you may have come across the term certified used car or certified pre-owned cars. You might also see State Brake Inspections. These types of cars are usually later models maybe five years old or newer and probably with seventy-five thousand miles or less mileage which were previously owned but were given up by previous owners either because of an upgrade or having repossessed.

Being certified means that these cars went through series of inspection and refurbishments making sure that they are road worthy prior to sale. Cars are checked thoroughly by competent and qualified mechanics that are following specific guidelines and standards based on the car’s manufacturer.

Although usually sold in authorized dealers, it is very safe to say that these type of used cars are those that hit the sweet spot in terms of its quality/condition and its financial value. So potential buyers considering used cars as option may opt not to personally inspect prior to purchase considering that all needed repairs and refurbishments were certified to have been performed.

However, in buying things that involves huge amount of hard-earned money, it all comes down to personal preference. Although mechanically sound and the current condition of the car has been certified to perform according to expectation, it is still best to have a look at the car in person. It’s just like having to test drive a brand new car for the first time the moment it is released in order to feel its riding comfort and to personally feel the speed and hear the engine’s sound.

So in the case of buying a certified used car, if time and opportunity permits, It is always a good idea see the car for yourself in order to examine it, feel and experience what it’s like.