Why Buying A Used Car Isn’t A Good Idea In 2019

Texas is a massive state and one that is difficult to get from place to place in without a mode of transportation. Therefore, citizens go above and beyond to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. However, even with the most rigorous maintenance routine, sometimes, things just happen, and an individual’s car can break down. As such, consumers have to either pay for expensive repairs or run out and buy a new auto.

If you fall within the latter category, read further to learn why you may want to wait until 2020 to purchase a ride. In other words, it might prove to be in your best interest to let a mechanic repair broken, malfunctioning, or defective items this year. Visit Shop to talk to one of our trained mechanics or stay right here to discover more.

Flood Damage

Folks that live in Houston, or other locations around the Lonestar State, know that Tropical Storm Imelda deposited a prolific amount of rain on southeast Texas in 2019. During the event, many, many cars sustained flood damage. Therefore, buying a used car in 2019 may be a bad idea as there could be mold or mildew growing under the carpet. The last thing anybody wants is to obtain a vehicle with this fungus. Why? Well, if it is present, drivers and passengers may experience symptoms such as… Sneezing, Wheezing, Coughing, Allergic Reactions, Asthma Flareups, Itchy, Red, And Watery Eyes, or Sore Throat.

Consumers Might Find Better Deals After The First Of The Year

When income tax season rolls around, used car dealerships offer all sorts of rebates and sales to move inventory. Thus, if persons can limp along their old ride until after New Year’s, they may be better off. After all, who can’t stand to save some money in the modern world? So, if for nothing else, wait until 2020 comes along, before purchasing a used car, to ensure that you get the best possible deal.